Thursday, March 28, 2013

Round 2: Cat-ana!

Because I hate the idea of being viewed as artistically challenged by my 4-year-old (insofar as fruit sculpture is concerned), and also because we are running low on fruit, tonight we reprised everyone's favourite after-dinner game show - Make Me an Animal (out of a banana)!

This evening, E wanted a cat.

E: Can I watch or will it be a surprise?

M: (realizing that being heavily scrutinized could only hinder my creative pursuits) Surprise!

E: Awww, but I want to watch! I want to make sure you do it better this time.

M: Alright, fine. Here we go!

E: Remember, it's a cat. Or a dog. Whatever is easier for you.

M: We'll do a cat. And just to clarify, you want it all in one piece, right?

E: Yep. Not like last night, with the body in once piece, and the legs in one piece, and the tail in one piece…that just wasn't right. And it should be small. Cats are small.

M: wielding sharp knife…making the first cut - 

E: NO! No No No, mom - what is that?

M: These are the legs.

E: Oh, okay, ya. Go ahead.

M: …wielding and slicing…

E: No WAIT!!! Oh, ya. Good job. You're doing it! What's THAT??!

M: The tail.

E: Oh. Ya…ya. Go ahead.

M: Are you sure you want it to be this small?

E: Yep. It has to be reeeeeally small. But…that doesn't look like a cat.

M: Are you kidding? It's totally a cat.

E: It doesn't have eyes or a mouth.

M: Easy, tiger. I haven't even finished the head.


M: Okay, how does it look?

E: Whiskers!

M: Oh, okay…starts to slice whisk-

E: MOM! STOP!!! (bats knife-wielding hand away) The whiskers are already there!!!

M: Sure. Of course they are. Ta-da!

E: You did it mom! Good job.

You be the judge.
I think Ban-ebra kicks Cat-ana's butt.
But what do I know? I'm clearly no expert.

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