Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ban-ebra? Ze-nana?

E: Mom, can you please make my banana into a zebra?

M: Ummmm…I can try.

E: Okay. Make sure that it has a long body. Because zebras have loooooong bodies.

M: Are zebras about the same size as horses?

E: No. Smaller. And don't forget the stripes.

…mom toils away in the kitchen for several minutes and returns, proudly unveiling her work of art -

M: Look! It's a Ban-ebra!

E: That does not look like a zebra.

M: Sure it does! A Ze-nana, as a matter of fact.

E: No. It doesn't. The stripes should be thicker. The legs aren't even attached.

M: Do you know how hard that would be?!

E: Did you even try?

M: …yes?

E: You did?

M: I did the best that I could.

E: Oh. Then that's okay.

M: Oh, good. Can you please smile now?

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