Monday, March 4, 2013

Storytime just got way cooler.

E is reading. Reading. This is a big deal.

Somehow it came out of nowhere. She's known her alphabet for a while. Mostly. She's been able to spell her name for ages. It helps that there are only two letters. We introduced the first set of Bob books a couple of months ago to see if she could work her way through them, but she didn't show a whole lot of interest. She's always been a kid who would much prefer to have things done for her, rather than doing them herself. Genetics is a powerful thing. 

Over the past few weeks, her teacher has been telling us about all of the words she's been "spelling" at school with their moveable alphabet. At home she sounds out words at the dinner table. So a few nights ago we asked her if she would like to read the bedtime stories. She read three books, one after the other, like a rock star. First she puts her finger under each letter and makes each sound. Then she reads the word. Then she reads the sentence. Sure, she makes mistakes. She's a little too quick to get impatient sometimes. She takes breaks to declare that she's "tooooo tiiiiiiired" before insisting on continuing. But she gets through them. And she's getting better every time. 

The first night "g" was tripping her up. The second night she had that down, but "d" vs. "p" was a little confusing. By the third night she knew the sound that "th" makes and could recognize the word "the" without having to sound it out. 

Please excuse the gushing. We are all pants-splittingly proud over here.

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