Friday, May 4, 2012


Like most of our silly games and obsessions, I'm not sure how it started. I'm pretty sure it was during one of our walks to or from school, when all kinds of topics come up that one can never predict.

However it began, E's current favourite game is called the "Cat and Cow" game. It involves me taking on the role of "Baby Calf" while E plays my "Mama Cow". Now I know what you're thinking. Why is it called "Cat and Cow", and not "Calf and Cow"? Well, simply because E preferred the sound of Cat and Cow. Creative license and all that.

It started off fairly harmlessly. The jist is that I say "Moo! Moo!" in a little baby voice and she says "What baby, what?" Then I tell her something like "I love you!" or "Look at that flower!", and she responds by saying "Moooooo!" in a deep, mama voice.

And, as with most games, it quickly becomes the thing she wants to do ALL THE TIME. It gets a bit overwhelming. This morning I listened to her recite Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in its entirety, while in the character of Mama Cow. "Moomoo Moomoo Moomoo MOO..." You get the idea. Which wasn't nearly as bad as the 20 page story she made me read yesterday as Baby Cow. 20. Pages. Of Moo. I found myself analyzing whether each word should be a moo, or each syllable. Whether by my inflections if she could actually figure out what was being said and who was doing the talking - ahem - mooing. And she was glued to it like it was the most fascinating story every told.

Kids are weird.

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