Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Long Weekend

Parents who get to spend a reasonable amount of grown-up time together know the rules. J and I do not. Which is why we found ourselves ending Date Night with a screening of The Descendents. You know, the movie about a family with a mom in a coma and a dad who doesn't "get it" trying to re-establish his relationships with his daughters in the face of all kinds of dysfunction. We have already been chastised by seasoned date-night afficionados - NO DEPRESSING MOVIES!!! I know, it should have been obvious. I was wooed by George Clooney. And Hawaii. Talk about misdirection.

In any case, I'll be honest. There was a brief moment when I thought I would get in the car at midnight and drive the hour to retrieve my little one, or at least hunker down in the tent with her. There was a slightly less brief moment the next morning when I reconsidered the notion. But, fortunately J was there to talk me down. And I learned three very valuable lessons this May long weekend:

1. Having your parents take your kid camping is THE BEST. She gets to sleep in a tent for the first time, and I don't wake up a sweaty mess. She gets to go fishing for the first time and I don't have to handle any worms. She gets to roast marshmallows and pee outside and eat crap all weekend, and I'm not covered in mosquito bites. Oh, and three people who think the world of each other get to say to heck with the rules and just chill out for two days. WIN WIN WIN.

2. Jewish weddings are THE BEST. The next time I get married I'm definitely having a Jewish wedding. Hooray for Horas! Also, if you can find a band that can rock Hava Nagila, Rock around the Clock, Livin' on a Prayer and Bad Romance in the same set - hire them. Hire them yesterday. I'm hiring them to sit in my car while I drive to work next week.

3. Sleeping in past 7am two days in a row is THE BEST.

We didn't go to the beach or have a bbq, like everyone on Facebook seems to have done. But there's plenty of time for that. Bring on Summer!

Happy grown-ups on a boat. L'chaim!

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