Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Menu

I thought I'd write up a handy list of E's dietary preferences/restrictions - you know, just a little guideline for those of you who might be called upon to look after her once in a while. Nothing serious, she's not a picky eater or anything. And she's super well-behaved. (Note: Might be best not to read any previous posts that may have been written on here about somebody else's kid, also named E.)

Here we go:

1. Loves tomatoes. Except in omelets.

2. Enjoys omeletes with all kinds of vegetables, meat and cheese. Except tomatoes.

3. Loves peppers. Except in pasta.

4. Enjoys pasta of any shape. Must have red sauce. Unless being packed for school lunch, where it must contain butter and peas. Lots of peas. Or corn. But peas are better. No peppers.

5. If pasta is erroneously prepared with a spinach-based sauce, adding honey will improve the flavour.

6. Likes cheese, but only if it's melted. Or not melted if she forgets that she only likes it melted. We might have Gramma Barby to blame for this one.

7. Always has room for dessert.

8. Happy to accept fruit for dessert, but prefers "something sugary".

9. Fruits must be served whole when possible. But please remember to remove the sticker.

10. Raisins can be added to anything to make it more palatable. Anything. Including dishes in which you would never want to see them. Like pea soup.

11. Soup is a big hit. Particularly hot and sour soup. Hold the "hot".

12. Food that is arranged into the shape of a human face is always appreciated. Carvings are also accepted, but are subject to intense scrutiny.

13. All-time favourite dinners include omelettes with blueberry pancakes. Also adores pancakes for breakfast. On the other hand, leftover pancakes from dinner served for breakfast the next morning will not be tolerated.

14. Other all-time favourite meals include pizza, especially with olives and sausage, hot dogs, especially the gigantic Costco variety and "girl cheese" sandwiches (yellow cheese, please).

15. Is a staunch proponent of the theory that everything tastes better at a restaurant.

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