Friday, April 12, 2013

How much is that vacation in the window??

In three years time, I hope to be here. E has wanted to go to Hawaii ever since she first learned about volcanoes when she was about 2 1/2 years old. I've wanted to go for at least a couple of decades and J, well, J just needs a vacation. I think he'll take any place with a beach and no pager. In three years, residency will be over and that is a milestone worth celebrating in style. When he completed his PhD I took him to Vegas. When he finished medical school I took him out to a dinner in NYC that cost as much as our trip to Vegas. (Seriously.)  When he completes residency I think the only reasonable option is to take him to Hawaii.

Of course, we can't afford a trip to Hawaii. But we're taking steps to rectify that. At least one of us is. E has recently started receiving an allowance - presumably just for being cute, although we like to fool ourselves into thinking she's "earning" it. When we started it, we explained that part of her allowance each week would be for spending, part for saving, and part for donating. She asked what kinds of things she could save for, and we explained that it could be little things like a cd or a toy, or something bigger like a bike or a trip. She immediately announced "I want to save for Hawaii!" Now that's a plan I can get behind.

We collected all of the change in her various piggy banks and counted it up, and she decided that she wanted all of it to go to her Hawaii fund, along with part of her allowance. So, in Week 1 of Project Hawaii we are sitting at a cool $30.59. By my calculations we have raised about 0.6% of the cost. And after three years of squirreling away part of her allowance we'll have skyrocketed to 4.2%.

Hm. It looks like J and I might have to chip in on this one.

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