Friday, June 15, 2012


Since dance class has ended for the summer, E and I have found a kids' yoga class to keep ourselves occupied on Saturday mornings. It's at roughly the same time, and it's a whole hour of yogic goodness. The teacher is fantastic - eternally cheerful and patient - and after we bend and stretch our sillies out, we  play a little music and end each class with a craft. And as if that weren't lovely enough, the yoga studio happens to be situated directly behind this little slice of heaven. So the routine is yoga, then doughnuts. The perfect balance, if you ask moi.

E and I did a mom and baby yoga class from the time she was about 4 months old until we left Brooklyn last year. She loved it, and we've both missed it. I have a Wednesday night class that I make it to once in a blue moon, but *thankfully* the kidlets aren't allowed, and I've been hoping to get her into a class so that she can have an opportunity to channel her inner yogi. Since beginning the class, E has regularly been coming up with a series of new poses, and demonstrating them often.

There's gate pose, and tunnel pose, both designed as partner poses, where one partner holds a pose while the other goes through the gate/tunnel.



There's magnet pose, which is essentially a downward dog with one leg wiggling around in the air. There's jell-o pose, which is also heavy on the wiggling, as you can imagine. There's turtle pose, which bears a striking resemblance to child's pose, with more shell. So maybe she's not winning any awards for originality, but the last time I checked yoga is a very individual practice. And that's my girl - she's an individual alright.

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