Thursday, June 28, 2012

5 Days, 6 Nights

If there's one thing the Cowfam does brilliantly, it's the whirlwind adventure. A history of having too much to do in too little time has allowed us to hone our ability to pack a whole lot of goodness into a small amount of time. My first memory of such an undertaking was our 2000 trip to Europe. 33 days, 9 countries, 15 cities, and two very heavy backpacks. I remember being on a train from Paris to Barcelona, being more tired than I had ever been (including after my Calculus final all-nighter in first year, when I was introduced to the effects of mixing Jolt and coffee. The result is an F.), feeling quite sure that I wouldn't make it to the end of the trip. It was Day 5. Not to spoil the ending, but we did make it, and it was wicked awesome.

These days, due in part to advancing age and the appearance of a miniature - and slightly less flexible - version of ourselves, the whirlwinds have been watered down a bit. But they do continue and, more often than not, are wildly successful.

Witness, as evidence, the 2012 Cowfam Visit-stravaganza! 

Now, before I go any further, those of you reading this who may or may not become positively nonplussed by our failure to include you in our journey - rest assured. We are either dedicating all of our efforts to include you on our next adventure, or we forgot about you completely. Shall we move on?

J had 6 days off. Strictly speaking, he had 5 days and 16 hours, which began on E's last day of preschool. We were jazzed. We needed a vacation. Something awesome. We started planning:

Plan A: Toronto.
*Toronto becomes infeasible as grandparents continue to be homeless as they await the completion of work on their home after the fire.

Plan B: Bermuda.
*Bermuda becomes futile as our intended visitee has jumped ship for Toronto for two weeks.

Plan C: 2012 Cowfam Visit-stravaganza!

We have many friends in the Southwestern Ontario region whom we have neglected since 2007 when we embarked on the mother of all whirlwind adventures: Medical School. We have missed weddings, babies, bachelor/ette parties, showers and a good bit of life in general of many good friends. And every time we consider a visit, time and distance rear their ugly heads. This time, I was determined to make something happen. So I plotted it all out, ran it quickly by my husband - identifying and dismissing his objections with the kind of expertise that only comes from years...and years...of experience. My next step was to send out a mass email to all intended loved ones, announcing our imminent arrival and boldly inviting ourselves to sleep on their couches and schedule their meals around our needs. Every one of them obliged, and for that I am humbly grateful. Because it was a ridiculous itinerary I put out there. Ridiculous out of necessity of course, but everyone played along. And it was good. Man, oh man, it went so smoothly that - sitting here, thinking back on it - I'm not entirely sure it happened at all. Maybe it was all a wonderful dream? No, no dream. Just summer vacation, Cowfam style!

A very detailed account to come...

Isn't it amazing how long it takes me to say absolutely nothing? If J were writing this, it would say - 

"We went on vacation last week. It was a little rushed, but fun. I didn't do any of the reading I was supposed to do." (Because he allllllwayyyyyys has to include a bit about how much work he has to do/should be doing/didn't do...)

E's account would be something like this - 

"That trip was FU-UH-UH-UN!!!  Can I watch a movie?"

And Ralph is still wrecked from the whole experience to say anything. Except maybe - 

"Thanks for not leaving me behind."

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  1. See you on your next adventure.... when you come west!