Friday, June 15, 2012


We got a fish tank. Have I mentioned that? It has become my husband's obsession/raison d'etre/coping mechanism, although he swears it's for E. Suuuuuuure.

It all started when E started talking about the new fish tank in her classroom. Ms. Veronique loves fish, and explained how wonderful aquariums are for kids - relaxing and fun and educational all at the same time. So I suggested to J that we get a small fish tank for E's room. You know, a little bowl with a guppy or two. Something of this nature...or maybe something a little crazier, like this.

So naturally, we got this:

The newest additions to our family include:

Nemo (orange clownfish...original, I know)
Marlin (black daughter doesn't see colour)
Anabelle (yellow goby...named after bff)
Jacques (pistol shrimp...another Nemo reference)
Coral (blood shrimp...Nemo again)
Violet (orchid dottyback...we convinced her that Violet is a better name than Purple)
Scarlet (starfish...again, better than Red)
...and countless other hermit crabs, Halloween crabs, Bumblebee crabs...corals, sea urchins, snails, OMG IT DOESN'T EVER END!!!

For those of you who know my husband, this will not come as a surprise. What was intended to be (at least in my head) a fun, inexpensive little diversion for our daughter is in actuality a husband-sucking money pit. Pretty, yes. But that's little consolation when our living room is filled with buckets and hoses, and various kitchenware previously used to feed my family is now being misappropriated for all kinds of fishy business. If it weren't for the fact that J gets so much pleasure out of it, it would be on the curb. But, we must all find our happy place, and this is his. And with all the stress in his life these days, I'm glad he's found it.

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