Friday, July 7, 2017

Growing up

She's 8 1/2 already. One minute she's my sweet little girl, still so small, bright eyed and innocent. The next minute she's a worldly soul, testing her autonomy and trying on different personas.

She loves the colour black, particularly in her wardrobe.

She loves catching frogs and taming snakes.

She loves to dress up. She does not like to be rushed as she carefully selects monochromatic ensembles, long, flowing scarves and whimsical accessories.

She loves fidget spinners, super mario brothers, face painting and cartwheels.

She still lets us sleep in on the weekends and will read for hours in bed, but prefers to wait until mom and dad wake up to announce that she's STARVING, rather than get breakfast for herself.

She would eat ice cream every day, and dreams of a day when we'll let her have cones again...

She loves listening to the radio and knows the worlds to most songs better than I do.

She is the slowest. eater. ever.

She is the messiest. eater. ever.

She is the slowest. at. getting. ready. ever.

She is such a great big sister. I really can't say it enough. She takes such good care of little E, and they bring each other such joy.

She loves dogs. Especially other people's dogs.

She's becoming more self-conscious. She gets embarrassed, she worries about making mistakes in front of people, all of the normal stuff that happens, but it makes me sad. I miss the oblivious devil-may-care attitude she had when she didn't get weighed down with the opinions of others.

She says hi to everyone we pass on the street. I love that.

She likes to match her outfits with her friends or with me. One day I'll be off the list, but not yet!

She loves to go the park by herself with a walkie-talkie.

She loves to go on dates with J and with me. She loves having each of us all to herself.

She drives me crazy.

I love her to the moon and back.

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