Tuesday, June 13, 2017

2 months and a bunch of 1sts!

Little E was 2 months old on Sunday and has been crushing goals ever since.

Her first set of shots were not the high point of the day, but she got through them with just the right amount of drama. After eliciting an appropriate amount of sympathy, she had a snack and napped it out. There was a little extra cranking throughout the day, but I've heard more post-immunization whining from my husband.

For a long time, diaper changing was a source of tears and frustration for our little lamb. She just did not like it, no matter how much we tried to convince her how much fun she was having. Lately though, she has started to lighten up a bit and even maybe enjoy it a little. Yesterday she even produced her very first giggle! I didn't get that one on camera, but I did get this one today:

And to round out her hat trick of firsts, we went swimming! Our wonderful neighbour JoJo has a pool, and is always encouraging big E to use it. A humidex of 41 yesterday was the perfect opportunity to cool off after school. Big E brought a friend and they practiced dives and belly flops. Little E was a little skeptical at first when her toes hit the water, but soon she was lounging like a pro:

Then, and I can hardly believe this as I type it, little E gave me the best present ever by sleeping for 8.5 hours in a row!

Best baby ever.

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