Tuesday, July 18, 2017

It has already started. My tiniest little human is starting to grow out of things. She is too big for the smallest size of cloth diapers we have. She is too big for those teeny-tiny NB size jumpers I bought for her before she was born, wondering whether they would be too small and that fit her new little newborn body perfectly. Her feet will absolutely not be crammed into 0-3 month sleepers anymore. There are two outfits I pulled out the other day that she had only worn once before being lost in the back of the drawer because they were way too big. They are now just the right size but won't be for long. I remember this with big E. From now until the age of...sixteen? eighteen?, the race is on. The race to make sure she gets enough wear out of her clothes before they are outgrown. The race to keep pulling out the next size of clothes from storage before she zooms right by it. The race to keep enough of everything in her size on hand and try to go out and buy it BEFORE she needs it.

Sigh. They *literally* grow up so fast.

Speaking of, here is an excerpt from Little E's diary:

This week I am really enjoying the taste of my own hands and am slowly learning not to gag myself with those pesky fingers. I am babbling and drooling up a storm, particularly when my mouth is full of fingers. I am slowly learning to tolerate the car, provided someone is in the back seat with me, actively catering to my entertainment with constant eye contact, silly faces and soothing songs and stories.

I can say my sister's name. I can click my tongue. And I can finally bounce my own bouncy chair by kicking my legs. So fun!

As for my sister, she learned archery last week and then spent the afternoons with me and a friend, which was a lot of fun. We went swimming, and to Clovermead, and one day they made paintings just for me! This week she is rock climbing and I don't get to see her as much. But I sure love hanging out in the back seat with her on the way to and from camp. She is my favourite. Yesterday she showed us how well she can climb - she climbed all the way to the ceiling! Her instructor said she was really quick learner when it came to learning how to put on her harness and tie knots. I want to be as good at climbing as her when I grow up.

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