Thursday, November 3, 2011


I'm terrified for Friday. A pattern has developed in my week, a dark, foreboding pattern that suggests that tomorrow will be either a) the day that I die or b) the first day of the rest of my life. What do you make of the following:

Monday: Hallowe'en. Ghosts and goblins and dragons...and a fantastic day all around. Okay...

Tuesday: (Guy who came to do an annual check on the furnace) I'm sorry ma'am, but there is a crack in your heat exchanger and the unit is leaking carbon monoxide. I am required to shut off the gas, leaving you without heat. You need a new furnace.

Wednesday: (Guy who came to replace the furnace) I'm sorry ma'am, but your ducts haven't been cleaned in a decade or so and you will be breathing all of this debris in until you can get them cleaned in three weeks. Also, we can only clean about half of them because the other half are wrapped in asbestos.

Thursday: (Guy who came in response to my emergency call regarding the smell of gas) I'm sorry ma'am but you have a gas leak.

Friday: ...

The good news is that we're warm again and we're not dead yet. The new furnace is working and we're keeping an eye on the filter to make sure it isn't getting clogged with 10 year old dog hair and dust mites, and the gas leak has been fixed. The bad news is that it's not looking good for Friday. Unless we're doing one of those "bad things come in three's" deals, in which case it's smooth sailing from here!

I guess all we can do is wait...


  1. Oh man... this is scary. A bill that keeps growing and growing. We've got a 40-50 yr old house that I'm sure needs a good cleaning as well... but I'm scared to make the call and find out what else they find... eek. How did your Friday turn out?

  2. We survived! Friday passed relatively uneventfully. And this morning we learned that the levels of lead in our water are much, much lower than the safe limit. Woohoo!