Saturday, November 12, 2011

The sincerest form of flattery

So I saw this post on my friend Brian's blog a few days ago and have been jumping out of my skin for the last several days, waiting until I had all of the elements assembled to do it ourselves.

This morning after dance class we hit the dollar store and scored some magnets, on the way home we gathered some sticks and after a short but productive hunt for some string we were all set.

Letter fishing!!!

I've been meaning to buy magnetic alphabet letters for the fridge for ages. But this idea is way cooler. We did lower case letters after lunch, and I could only convince her to take a nap by promising upper case letters in the afternoon. I don't even think she realizes that we have numbers too.

We have sticks for mama, E, dada, Ralph, the dinosaur, and a couple of extras. She's a little miffed that Ralph doesn't seem to be taking the game very seriously, and doesn't seem to be buying my explanation of the value of opposable thumbs. And dada won't be home until tomorrow so his stick is waiting patiently on the sidelines. But E and I are getting pretty good. Thanks DeWagners!


  1. Awesome!!! So happy to see we have catchy ideas! Haha! It started as an idea to make fish attached to a magnet but then turned a lot easier to use letters and numbers that already have magnets! With the added bonus of learning... lazy or clever... I'll lean on the side of clever ;)

    On a side note... Since you've been away from NY, does E ever talk about you g to NY? I find Zo will talk about going there at least 3-5 days a week! I think we need to plan for a reunion.

  2. Sorry... "you go" was supposed to say "going to NY". Predictive text (fist shake!).

  3. E still talks about NY. "Why don't we live in Brooklyn anymore?" "Can we take the train to Brooklyn?" "Remember when Brian taught me the shark game?" Reunion. Yes. J has a week of vacation in June...also February around his birthday...