Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Public Service Announcement

The PSA's I have delivered in the past have generally been about eating vegetables. And while I still maintain my dedication to emphasizing the importance of the consumption of all things green and leafy, I turn my attention today to another matter.

Pictures. You need to take more of them.

I recently read an article (are we calling blog posts articles now?) about a woman who had recently lost her mother and was going through old photos to put together a slideshow for the memorial. The woman is a photographer, and she was urging people to take more photos. Her message was that one day your children will have the photos you take, and they will be the memories that they cling to. They won't care if your hair looks good or if you remembered to change your shirt with the stain on it or if you have your mouth hanging open. They'll want to see you in the picture. SO often I take pictures of the girl by herself, because she's so stinking cute. But years from now I know I'll want to see shots of us together, and when we're gone I think E will want to see those too. Who needs 20 years of pictures of yourself to look at? To that end, I've been making a conscious decision lately to get myself and my husband and poor neglected Ralph into more shots. The other day we had a visit from Toronto GrammaPapa and I asked them - despite J's complaints about the shirt he was wearing and concerns about backdrop and sock colour and a daughter with smudged face paint - to take some pictures as they were heading out the door. This is one of the best ones:

And maybe my hair looks straggly and E wouldn't smile, but I love this picture. And I'm grateful that I have it.

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  1. It's a lovely picture and a great idea. You're totally right - I've got a million pictures of K, and only a handful of us as a family. Starting today (oh okay, next week then) I'm going to try to get more pics of us altogether.