Monday, June 27, 2011


I forgot my anniversary. So did my husband. We had talked about it earlier in the week, so it's not like it took us completely by surprise yesterday. But it kinda did. In fact, it was the Happy Anniversary email from my father that jogged my, and in turn my husband's, memory. We had no choice but to spend five hours of our special day in the car, but we did our best. E did her best about 75% of the time. Once we got home we stashed the little one away in her crib and watched a movie and ate some dim sum. It was nice. It was not a huge celebration as in previous years, but it was nice just to have a reminder that we decided to do this thing together, and here we are, still doing it.

Happy 7 Year Itch to my darling husband. I still remember my vows well enough to know that I've not always adhered to them to the letter, but I'm still pretty confident about that "rest of my life" bit. And fortunately for both of us, no one said anything about "I promise to remember my anniversary", so we're okay there.

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