Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cosmic Adventures

Shortly after the big move we discovered a website that offered 101 things to do with children in the Ottawa area. Score! Lots of those things involve outdoor activities that we want to cram in before things turn cold. Very cold. But even in the summer there are some days when you just want to be inside. Yesterday there was an 80% chance of thundershowers. Yesterday was a good day for indoors. But not just any indoors. COSMIC ADVENTURES indoors.

Wow. This place is outta this world! Couldn't resist. Not one, but TWO ball pits. Two toddler zones, three levels of climbing/sliding/tumbling/tunneling/zip-lining fun, a restaurant that has a whole wheat/nothing fried and yet still exciting menu, and even a Zone of Silence where parents (responsible parents of older children, of course) can escape and read, work or watch tv! I see the future. I see us making friends, convincing them to buy memberships, and enjoying weekly coffee dates while our kids try to murder each other in the ball pit. The future is bright.

And on those occasions like today when we have no friends and are actually looking forward to rolling around with our rambunctious little one, this place is fun for everyone! It's American Gladiators meets those old-fashioned drop-off rooms in shopping malls circa 1985. With food! And ice cream! Don't tell E about the ice cream. She's still buzzing from those Whoopie pies.

Shoes in the bucket!  


He never saw it coming. 

Bye mom! See you Thursday!

 Peek a boo!

The ball pit swallows another willing victim.

It didn't rain after all, but I don't hear anyone complaining.