Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Yakkity-yak, she talks back.

This girl really needs to loosen up and come out of her shell a little, don't you think?

No, no. If this is the my toddler inside a shell, god help us when she finally peeks out. Today in Toddler and Me Yoga, the instructor - for the first time ever - asked that we try to keep the talking to a minimum in the spirit of maintaining some semblance of peace in a room full of toddlers and harried moms trying to chill out. How did this translate to E? I believe she heard the words: "See if you can go one full hour without taking a single breath between words!" She succeeded.

Mama? I want to hug you! Running hug mama! (runs to the opposite end of the room and waits until all eyes are on her) RUNNING HUUUUUUUUUUUUUG!

(steals stuffed cat from baby) Mama! What's this? Is it a dog? Noooooooo. I found a cat! I loooooove him. Awwww. HUG!

(steals truck from unsuspecting toddler) Hey Mama! This is a truck! I will show you how it works. (rolls truck around) See? This is how it works, mama. You want the truck, mama?

I want a snack. I want an ORAAAAAAAAANGE! Yes, please mama. THANK YOU!!!! You want a slice, mama? (No, thank you.) You want some orange? (No, baby.) Have a bite. (No thank you, you eat it) IT'S YOURS MAMA! HAVE A BITE PLEEEEEEEEASE!!! (Okay, great, thanks....sshhhhh)

Hey mama? Cat is hungry! Cat wants to eat oranges! Can cat eat oranges? Mmmm...cat loooooves oranges.

Mama? What time is it?

(Upon watching another toddler walk away with "her" cat) I WANT THE CAAAAAAAAAAT! (uber-whine system activated) My caaaaaaat!

Mama, what are you DO-ing? You doing yoga mama? I'm trying to hug you mama. I want a kiss!

(attempts to duplicate triangle pose) What am I doing mama? (Yoga.) I'm doing yoga? (Yep.) What KIND of yoga? What this called? (Ummmm....triangle pose?) I'm doing TRIANGLE POSE mama!!! Look at this, mama! LOOK AT THIS!

I'm not sure that we're welcome back.


  1. hhhmmm...that came up with my husbands name. it's Jessica K. LOL

  2. last time I attempted Yoga with S around I ended up with what I like to call "the double dog down'. Much cleaner then it sounds. Once you are in the downward dog position, toddler comes up and gets directly under you and gets into the same yoga pose. complicated and fun. Although, not so great for the peaceful focus of Yoga.