Thursday, March 24, 2011

One Great Week

Last summer, the DeWagners came to visit us in Brooklyn. Okay, it wasn't just us. Apparently NYC is a pretty big draw for reasons other than it being where we live. Anyhoo...we spent some time with them and it was fun. Really fun. They're fun people.

Since then, we've been intending to get together again. We were supposed to visit when we went back to Canada...didn't happen. They were supposed to come after Christmas...didn't happen. I've been holding out hope that we can visit them when we move back to Canada this summer. But then...

I get an email from June, announcing that they will arrive in Brooklyn in two days! For a whole week! I was pretty excited. E and Zoey, their little ball of good times, are only six days apart in age and similar in a lot of ways. They got along great when they first met last year, and the idea of getting them together again, now that they've blossomed into full-blown toddlerhood, was extremely enticing.

From the first day of their visit, when they came for dinner and E demanded that they sit together, it was just one giant fun-filled photo op. Days after they had left, E was still calling J and I "Brian and June", and referring to herself as Zoey. A week later, I was still waking up to "June! My clock is yellow!" Just like last time, the DeWagners left us wanting more, reminding us that sometimes long distance friendships are just as satisfying as the ones we get to enjoy every day.


  1. Awww... so sweet. Thank you. We enjoyed every bit of our time together just as much, maybe more!

  2. Ahmmm, I like the Cowgerellis more than just about any other family I know...and getting to walk ten feet behind the "girls" all the way around the park, and just Jeff and I rambling back and forth...I have a new dude that ranks higher than most now...LOVED our visit. LOVE that little "Eye Spy" maniac...will be Ottawa bound without as much as a thought.

    And don't think that "second Christmas" has lost it's luster...can you imagine that tradition as the girls grow up!? Hilarious!