Saturday, March 26, 2016

Fast facts

My goodness it has been a while.

E is trying to explain how difficult it is to get all of the pieces of her board game back in the box. I sympathize that it sounds tricky. "Yeah," she replies. "It's a real struggle".

So much affection since she turned 7! Lots of hugs, cuddles, "Best Mom Ever!"s. Great efforts at "no argue days", interspersed with arguments.

Amazing 6K run on a glorious sunny 12 degree day in March. Ran to the shoe store, bought shoes for mom and E, ran home. Some walking breaks, but mostly running. So impressed. Talking about our next run, explaining a 3km route that I've mapped out. I describe it as a rectangle, drawing it in the air. "Mom, that's not a rectangle. That's an upside down trapezium." Of course it is.

Still mixing up b's and d's, both writing and reading. Reversing some numbers, mostly 5's and 9's. Focusing on those for March Break. Planning to meet with teachers after break to develop plan of action for rest of year.

Whole family moving to London. Best thing ever.

Birthday party at Humane Society. Loves birds - wants a bird for a pet. Still crazy loves animals.

That's all I've got.

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