Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Happy Thoughts

Fresh from a morning of having to physically overpower my child to get her clothes on while she screamed and writhed and did her very best Incredible Hulk impression, I find myself combing my brain for a few of the brighter moments.

Yesterday we made bread. Typically, about an hour before it's finished in the breadmaker, it starts to smell ungodly good. Like, strap a drool cup under your chin good. At which point E practically shouts:

"It smells so GOOD, this BREAD!!! I just can't RESIST it!"

The day before yesterday I took E grocery shopping with me. It was the first time in a while that she had been forced to endure such hardship, and she wasn't terribly excited at the prospect. Once there, however, she was very well behaved and helpful and I told her dad so when we got home. To which she added:

"I was pointing to things that we needed. That's what made me so awesome."

And, to top it all off, the words every mom dreams of hearing. Earlier in the day she had complained about not being able to watch a movie "for special", even though it wasn't movie day. She said she was sad because we didn't do anything "special" that day. We then had a long conversation about how sometimes things that are special don't feel special anymore if you do them all the time, and that we need to appreciate all of the little things in our day that are special (ahem - lemon blueberry pancakes for breakfast). Later, while I was making dinner she walked into the kitchen, hugged my leg and said:

"You are the sweetest mom ever. I think that just being with you is so special."

Aaaand…bad feelings gone.

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