Thursday, January 31, 2013

Happy Birthday to My Girl


Tomorrow, you are 4. The baby years are over. You are a big girl and I can't believe it. I love you so much that I can barely stand it. You have taught me how to be a parent, and I've made lots of mistakes, but you stick by me. You tell me that I'm the sweetest mom ever. You tell me that you love me all the way to the moon and back the last number in the world times. I must be the luckiest person on the planet to be on the receiving end of so much love.

I am so proud of everything you do. You finally mastered 13, 14, 15 - hooray! You love books as much as I do. You're helping mama to save the adverb. You are a natural swimmer, and your balance and flexibility always surprise me. Your favourite thing to do is to pretend, and I promise to try to flex my imagination muscles a bit more for you, if you try to pick up the pace a bit with breakfast in the morning. You put outfits together that I would never think of, and most of the time they look better than what I would have picked out. You always try a new food, even if you don't think you will like it. You set and clear the dishes from the table, feed the dog, help me cook and clean up your toys, and you rarely complain about it. Speaking of the dog, you are so sweet with Ralph, feeding him treats, helping him down the stairs when he's nervous and calling him "buddy". I can see that he really trusts you, and I love to watch the two of you together.

Thank you for letting me cuddle with you, almost whenever I ask you to. Thank you for giving me hugs and bringing me stuffed animals when I'm sad. Thank you for always wanting me around, to comfort you when you're sad, to help you when you need it, and just to play with. Thank you for always forgiving me when I apologize, and for always giving me another chance.

You are the best gift I have ever received. We will always belong to each other. I love you all the way to the moon and back the last number in the world times, too.



  1. That's really beautiful M. E sounds like a wonderful girl, and you, of course, are a wonderful mom.