Monday, August 13, 2012

Cowfam Stay-cation 2012 (Ep. 4)

Day 4: Madagascar 3D & Calypso

For all the movies she's watched at home, and all the ten-minute shorts she's viewed at various museums, E has never had the bonafide movie theatre blow-out-your-eardrums-and-induce-a-popcorn-coma experience. Until Tuesday. Specifically, Toonie Tuesday at Rainbow Cinemas. Plus an extra $3 for the 3D upgrade. Aside from a pesky bout of tendinitis from the repetitive motion of shoveling popcorn for an hour and a half, and the humiliation of not quite being heavy enough to keep her seat down (despite the popcorn consumption), E rated it two thumbs up!

Tuesday afternoon had been carefully earmarked at the beginning of our vacation for the one and only Calypso waterpark. Pretty new, pretty fancy, and uber-expensive, we decided to take advantage of the late arrival discount on a day when everyone else should be at work. Unfortunately, that also coincided with the coldest and most overcast day, which is precisely when I love to be mostly naked and soaking wet. A mild case of hyperthermia is my excuse for taking E on a ride that she had absolutely no business being on, and then another one,  along with a husband who just kept needling his ice cube of a wife who insisted, repeatedly and to no avail, that she was absolutely NOT going on ANY more rides, as a result of a chill so profound that she had completely lost the use of her fingers.

Yep, we did that.
(Taken from E's "secret" stash of evidence for her inevitable call to CAS)

It was while I was watching dada and daughter braving disconcertingly vigorous waves in the wave pool that I learned that earlier in the day, 13 children had been taken to CHEO as a result of a chlorine gas leak in that very same pool. Fabulous. I suppose a hospital trip would be a fitting ending to the death-defying adventure to which we had subjected our only child. Fortunately though, we escaped unscathed, just as the rain started and the final whistles blew.

Somehow I think that after these last four days, our neighbourhood wading pools just won't hold the same sway. Us and our bright ideas.

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  1. You are all so brave! When I first saw that picture I thought it was the back of a lawn chair, which only made it seem even more massive (if that's possible) when I watched the video.
    Sounds like a fun day!