Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cowfam Stay-cation 2012 (Ep. 3)

Day 3: Bug Hunt!

As much fun as it is to find ants and potato bugs in the backyard, we felt that E could use a little variety in her entomological studies, not to mention that we were becoming increasingly embarrassed by the fact that we hadn't yet explored the gargantuan Gatineau Park that lay just across the river. We packed up a bug catcher, some nets and lunch for three and drove to Pink Lake, which is actually turquoise, and quite breathtaking. There is a 2.5km hiking trail that circumnavigates the lake, and if I had a nickel for every specimen of wildlife that we collected on our journey I'd have about five dollars, which is more impressive than it sounds.

Kudos to dad, who scaled and shimmied and stalked and squirmed through rocks and mud and water and trees to procure each and every creature that caught his daughter's eye. Except for that one snapping turtle. It just refused to be caught, for which I think we should all be thankful.


Caught a fish! 

Please get it for me daddy!

No problem! 

Frog hunters 

Mama's catch 

The view from lunch 

Still trying to figure out why it's called "Pink" Lake. 

Well-fed fish 

Well-fed chipmunk 

What's creepier than a millipede? Two millipedes.

After lunch overlooking the lake, followed by a playdate with a very accommodating chipmunk, we set off, and managed to keep the girl awake all the way home, even though my husband insisted that it was statistically and cosmologically impossible. Ha.


  1. This looks like an amazing place to have lunch and spend the day!!

  2. I'm not sure what's more impressive -- the colour of that lake, the fact that it's within a day trip of Ottawa, the organization and execution of your staycation, or the fact that you managed to blog throughout!
    Actually, I think it's the wonderful parenting and the way you've captured it.