Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pass the ears, please.

When my precious bundle of preschooler hurtled into my arms after school today, lip quivering, eyes brimming and then spilling over with tears, whimpering "I'm boooored!" (translation: "I'm exhauuuuusted because I went crazy at naptime and decided against sleep in favour of messing around like a wild forest child"), I knew that dad and I were going to have to do some fancy footwork. As I believe I have mentioned before, once or twice, foregoing naptime is really not an option in our family.

We ohhh'd and it's okayyy'd and patted and wiped and placed her gingerly in the carseat, loaded her lap up with snacks and proceeded to drive her into unconsciousness. Then, an hour and half later, after 3 successful errands, as I gently retrieved a grumpy, whiny ball of fatigue from the car, I knew that whatever remaining creativity in sneak attack parenting that we could muster would have to be employed if we were to survive until bedtime.

This dude didn't last long. But the smiles and uncontrollable giggles that he witnessed before his ultimate demise were plentiful.

And for those of you (dad) who think we might be starving our child, this fella underwent a full face and hair transplant - which was also devoured - before she packed away a creme egg and about half a bag of cheese curds. I think she'll be good at least until midnight snack.

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