Tuesday, April 10, 2012

On Happiness

Do you know what happiness is like, mom? It's like magic!
When you're sad, you just wait for a little bit, and then you'll be happy. 
You will. It's magic!

~ one smart girl

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  1. Hi M!
    I found your blog, through Leslie. E is soooo cute! And this is some damn fine advice she has here. (I'm assuming it's E's brilliant advice.) I am going to try to remember it.
    If you want you can check out a picture of E's "cousin" J and his Easter haul over at my blog. (For the record, we provided just one bunny for our son. Some others have no concept of enough.)
    My blog has been rather random but I think I will feature J more. He does, after all, have the most interesting things to say.
    Hi to J and E.
    J's cousin K.