Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Too many questions, maybe?

M: So, what did you do at school today?

E: I did the rock sorting work.

M: Oh, that sounds like fun. How did you sort the rocks?

E: Into bowls. 

M: Did you sort them by colour or by size...?

E: No.

M: What did the rocks look like?

E: Like rocks, mom. You know what rocks look like.

M: Were they big or small...?

E: They were all the same size.

M: What colour were they?

E: All different colours.

M: Like what colours?

E: Different.

M: Red?

E: There was red, green, blue, pink...and that's it.

M: And how did you decide which bowls to put them in?

E: Well, you could put them in the right bowl, or the wrong bowl.

M: How did you know which one was the right one and which one was the wrong one?

E: You just decide.

M: And how did you decide?

E: I can't show you right now mama because we're not in my school. Okay? Now I need you to just calm down. Just calm down now mama.

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