Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Family Vacation!

Just hours after stumbling home from a most sublime, most indulgent dinner to end all dinners, the Cowfam piled into a car and headed for the airport.

We're On Vacation!

Now that my husband is no longer a student, and not yet gainfully employed, it's time to live a little and enjoy all of this free time.  So we headed to Santa Fe for a little extended family visiting, high altitude living and just plain old relaxing.

We're three days in, with four to go, and it has already become apparent that we will have no desire to return home to our boxes in Brooklyn on Saturday. Sunday was spent shopping our hearts out in Target and frolicking in a sculpture garden. Yesterday we drove to Taos, ate New Mexican food, shopped, shopped, shopped and made animals out of pipe cleaners. E has spent every morning "making art" before breakfast. This morning we had to opportunity to explore a 10,000 square foot mansion in the mountains in Gene Hackman's neighbourhood. It had a guest house and - get this - pilot's quarters. Yes, it did. Over the next few days we have plans for lots more New Mexican food, a children's museum, a wildlife sanctuary, and maybe story time at the library (I'll leave you to guess whose suggestion that was). And I'm willing to bet we'll end up shopping a couple more times. There's this woman I'm related to by marriage, an absolutely fabulous woman by the name of Sandra, whose mere presence fills me with an insatiable desire to spend money on pretty things. I love her dearly, but my wallet recoils in fear at the sound of her voice.

Also, it took a trip halfway across the country to discover Trader Joe's Orange Cranberry scones. Do yourself a very big favour and seek them out immediately.

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