Friday, April 1, 2011

A Day Worth Celebrating

Today was J's last day of medical school. He is now a Dr. Dr. But the significance of this day requires a little more explanation, I think.

This September will represent the first in 15 years that he will not return to University.

This September will represent the first in 30 years that he will not begin another school year.


That deserves a celebration. So we went to Daniel. And dropped ALOT of money. It was delicious. It was wonderful. We paid for 2 desserts and we got 5. That's a successful dinner if I've ever had one.



  1. Heaping helpings of hugs and congratulations to J!!!! AHHHH!!!! Dr.J!!!!!! Can he shoot hoops too!?
    What did you wear to Daniel and where the heck did you start on the menu!?! Hope you had a wonderful time :)

  2. Schools out and lord knows that it was an incredible lot of work and support....but ironically now the serious work begins. (and the JEM team moves on again, but this time to stay)

    You will make a great Dr. Dr. (MD. Phd / Dr2.)family.
    Congratulations to both on your success.
    DR J (Two fiddy) & Mrs.C
    You did it big together.