Saturday, April 17, 2010

Look at all the FAH-VAHS!

It's springtime in New York! If I'm not mistaken, this is one of the most pretty places to be this time of year, along with Paris of course. And our neighbourhood must be one of the prettiest in all of Brooklyn. Carroll's Gardens are all in bloom, and it's driving both my daughter and allergy sufferers crazy, though for different reasons. My neighbour was outside sweeping all traces of plant matter from his stoop and sidewalk the other day in a futile attempt to keep the sniffles at bay. My daughter, on the other hand, can't be within arms reach of a flower without yelling "FAH-VAH!" (in a surprisingly convincing Brooklyn-baby accent) and going in for a "pet". She LOVES flowers. Especially ones that she can touch, and she's usually pretty gentle. But if a petal "accidentally" becomes separated from the stem, she likes it when I stroke her cheek with it.
We have flowers from Easter on the kitchen table that cause her no end of distraction during mealtimes, there is a new planting of annuals two doors down from us that she MUST visit EVERY time we walk by, and the multitude of pink and white flowering trees along our street send her into shrieking ecstasy.
Her second favourite word these days is "CAH" (there's that accent again!), which includes anything with wheels. And her ride of choice is the trike she got for her birthday. When we get it out she says "CAH! CAH!" and as soon as she's on it she starts demanding "GO! GO!". I don't know who looks happier - my girl on her sweet ride, or the passers-by getting a kick out of how cute she is.

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