Friday, October 31, 2008

6 months...and 6 weeks!

Here's an extreme close-up of belly. As you can see, my belly button - and my pants - are barely hanging on. I'm feeling great these days - except when baby tap dances on my bladder. I started taking an iron supplement and have really noticed a change in my energy. I hardly nap anymore! Baby is now about 2 pounds and is opening her eyes this week! She also likes to tug on her umbilical cord during playtime - which, by the way, is ALL the time. Not much sleeping for my little one!

On another note, Sunday marks 6 weeks until we leave this sunny island of Grenada. We've been here just shy of 10 months, and it will all be over soon. I wouldn't trade this year for the world, but I can't deny how excited I am to be home again in Canada. Even if it will be winter!

Things I will miss:
1) Having the ocean and the beach a 5 minute walk away
2) A yard full of palm trees and fruit trees with plenty of room for Ralph to chase lizards all day
3) Fresh mangoes
4) Living with the best roommates in the world
5) Swimming with my prego-pal Lauren
6) Coffee dates and book club with the desperate housewives

Things I will NOT miss:
1) Frogs in my lettuce
2) Cockroaches in my shower
3) Catcalls...even when pregnant!
4) A grocery store without tomatoes, eggs, milk, lettuce - and the list goes on, depending on the day
6) Mosquitoes

Today I began my quest to enjoy the last bits of Grenada life. This morning I found myself awake way too early (had to pee, as usual) and realized that the sun was about to come up. In a rare moment of pre-dawn lucidity I grabbed a camera and went outside to witness a sunrise. My first Grenadian sunrise! It was beautiful.

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  1. Awww Mel, I'm gonna miss swimming with you too! Love the belly shot..awesome! xxxL