Saturday, August 8, 2015

Weekend Famjam, Cowger Style

Often, especially when on Facebook, I feel like as a family we're not grabbing life by the horns enough. I feel like we don't make the most of our weekends or a thousand opportunities every day to show E something cool or expose her to new experiences. I feel like we take the easy (lazy) way out by not planning ahead and searching things out. And it makes me feel bad.

But then, on a random Saturday morning, E wakes us up at 8:30am in a purple sparkly dress, we play Harry Potter for about an hour without getting out of bed, one of us struggles down to pour coffee just before the coffeemaker shuts off at 10am, and then we have a getting dressed dance party to Shawn Mendes and Taylor Swift before taking Ralph and walking to get bagels as the clock eases past 11am.

And as we walk, all is right with the world. (And maybe the less charitable part of me is snickering at those perky families who have been up since dawn...suckers.)

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