Thursday, January 1, 2015

The WOW factor

Happy New Year!

I would like to say that this year I will blog every day, that I will write letters and make phone calls to loved ones every week, and that I will not waste time on Facebook. I would love to purge our house of unhealthy food and spend an hour a day exercising and make sure that Ralph gets two long walks a day. These are fantastic ideas, but I know myself fairly well by now. Good ideas, great intentions, outstanding ability to procrastinate.

Recently I read about the importance of saying "Wow". About how our happiness depends in part on our ability to get up every morning and find things that spark our sense of wonder and amazement.

"Wow. I have another entire day in front of me!"
"Wow. I convinced this pretty great guy to marry me!"
"Wow. Matching socks!"

It's a bit like gratitude. But it's also more than that.

"Wow. Rainbows are AWESOME."
"Wow. Skype is exactly like those space age videophones we saw in movies in the 1980's."
"Wow. My dog just loves me all the time, every single day."

It's not the hardest thing in the world to do. Maybe if I fill my brain with WOW thoughts, I won't have time for things like brooding and pouting and self-flagellation. Instead of wondering how the world can be so unfair, I can focus on how on earth bees ever figured out how to keep us flush with flowering plants...not to mention sweet, sweet honey.

Let's give it a shot.

2015. The year of WOW!

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