Friday, June 7, 2013

Spring in Pictures

Spring has sprung, indeed. In fact, we hit fast forward into summer for a bit there before Mother Nature gave a little tug on the reins.

Let's catch you up with a photo essay of sorts, shall we?

After seeing the signs on the way home from school one day:

we decided to kick off the season with a trip to a maple sugar bush with Grandma and Grandpa in Kingston:

E started getting an allowance and made her very first purchase with her very own money:

Someone got some new wheels (with our very own money):

to add to her 1st set of wheels:

and earned a few badges of honour along the learning curve:

We've been getting creative with our sleeping positions:

…and with our make-up application:

We created a new hockey fan:

We celebrated Mother's Day at the Tulip Festival:

before husband extraordinaire whisked me away for a relaxing vacation:

E experienced her very first roller coaster:

followed by the requisite introduction to cotton candy:

There was a dance recital:

and some bug hunting:

and lots of al fresco dining surrounded by new attempts at gardening:

Whew. So far so good.

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