Sunday, September 9, 2012

Good talk

After a day that was mostly successful but littered a little too liberally with non-cooperation and not quite enough listening, and definitely too much whining, we had a little chat on the car ride home.

M: E, I'd like you to think a little bit about how today could have been more fun if you had just co-operated a bit more and listened a bit more.

E: --silence--

M: I think that you know how you're supposed to behave and how you're not supposed to behave, and today it seemed that most of the time you were doing those things on purpose, even though -

E: Shhh…I'm thinking.

M: Okay.

E: Hey mom, what did Dory say to Marlon about her term loss?

M: That she suffers from short term memory loss?

E: Yeah. Well, I suffer from short term memory loss too.

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