Tuesday, January 10, 2012

This is me now

So you might think I'm writing this stuff for you. And you might be right, but unless you're me you're also a little bit wrong. I'm writing all this stuff to keep loved ones in the loop, to amuse and entertain, but I also have a very important purpose in mind for this. One day, I will look back at this continuum of drivel and remember what life was like when. When we lived like nomads, when babies were small, when budgets were tight, and onwards and upwards from there. I look forward to a magical day in the future when I sit with an all-grown-up daughter...and perhaps another...and giggle over the memories, hopefully convincing them that this was a very worthwhile endeavour.

That being said, I would like to pause to reflect on things I am loving at this moment in my life. No, not sappy, emotional type stuff, just stuff that I can't get enough of right now. For fun. Because one day it will give E yet another opportunity to remind me of how desperately uncool I am.

1. Rants from Mommyhood, Momastery, and an embarrassing number of other mom blogs that remind me to laugh when life hands me a screaming toddler

2. This song, but especially when sung by this dude

3. Also, this song (mom and dad - don't watch this one)

4. Satsuma hand soap from the Body Shop

5. The whole tunic/leggings/silly knee socks/boots look. I don't care if it's so two years ago and I don't conform to the six foot/82 pound frame required to make such a look work, I'm not taking them off.

6. Chicken fingers

7. 700g Toblerone bars from Costco (I've made it through 2 already...and J should know that his isn't safe just sitting there defenseless under the tree)

8. My Name is Earl (especially Joy - "Oh, chasquido!")

9. This. And this. When I grow up I will have one, complete with a matching little upholstered bench.

10. Our new Tempur Cloud pillows. Best Christmas present I've ever given my husband that I have also been able to take advantage of. I've also rediscovered the joys of reading in bed thanks to these babies.

These are the things that are sustaining me these days, along with coffee and the incredibly charming way my daughter says "Psst! I love you." right before I'm about to strangle her.

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