Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Yesterday E and I had a nap together. After a blissful hour or so, I heard a little voice from the crib say "Mama." I looked over to see her sitting up and smiling at me. Then I brought her onto the bed and we had a lovely little conversation. It went something like this:

E (pointing to the flowers on the dresser): "Flah-vahs!"
M: "Yeah, look at the pretty flowers!"
E (pointing to her blanket): "Ba-ba!"
M: "Nice blanket!"
E (pointing to her toes): "Toes!"
M: "Are those your toes?"
E: "Yah!"
M: "Look at this! You have flowers on your pants!"
E: "Woah."

It's moments like this that I just wish I could videotape every second of E's life so that I won't miss a single thing.

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