Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Days

Today was a good day. A little slow getting going, and a little hectic at times, but it all worked out. I managed to make it to Go Go Babies class, albeit about 25 minutes late, and she had a great time. She is in love with the teacher, Ellynne. She just stares at her the whole time. Then we headed over to Prospect Park to take some pictures in the leaves. It's a bit late in the season but we've had some beautiful weather this week and I wanted to take advantage of it.
On the way home, baboushka fell asleep and I decided to stop at a cafe and relax with a cappuccino. I found a little place called Trois Pommes Patisserie on 5th Ave. at Carroll St. The cappuccino was delicious, but the real treat was the little concord grape pie that grabbed my eye. Grape pie? I had to try it. I brought it home to enjoy after my dinner of pumpkin-filled gnocchi and greens. It was spectacular. Who knew?

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